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Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre

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    Last Post by Kate Conigrave
    13 March 2013

    General discussion

    Discuss any aspects of Indigenous substance use
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    Last Post by Jaime Read
    1 October

    2015 Monthly Resources Packages

    JANUARY: New South Wales (NSW)Welcome back to another year filled with plenty of information sharing! We hope you all had a safe and enjoyable break.To kick us off for 2015, the AOD team at the Knowledge Centre have put
  • 2 replies
    Last Post by Joanne Hoareau
    30 September

    Naltrexone and amphetamines

    Is naltrexone an effective pharmacotherapy for dependence on methamphetamine (ice)?  Are there other pharmacotherapies being considered? There is not a lot of information on this.
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    Last Post by Jaime Read
    17 December 2014

    2014 Monthly Resource Packages

    JANUARY: Methamphetamine (Ice)Over the past couple of months we have seen a growth in prevalence and discussion surrounding methamphetamine, or ice. Therefore, the Substance Use Team at AIH have put together an ‘Ice
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    Last Post by Ruth Braunstein
    30 October 2014

    Pain Management Resources

    posting this in response to Jaime's recent digest Oct 2014 on prescription meds, oxycontin (often prescribed for pain), etc...
    This great website for consumers (adults & youth) and health professionals includes links to video