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    About CQIconnect

    The CQIconnect network is a space where health and community workers, researchers, policy makers and anyone working on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care can stay connected, discuss common int
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    CQI courses

    Leading continuous quality improvement for improved client outcomes in primary health care program
    This e-learning continuous professional development (CPD) program is currently being offered as a pilot in a small number of Abo
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    ESP Report Links

    Developed in 2013, the “Engaging Stakeholders in Identifying Priority Evidence-Practice Gaps and Strategies for Improvement in PHC” (ESP) project brought together the concept of knowledge co-creation and evidence on how
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    Key Research Findings – online

    Key Research Findings from ABCD National Research Partnership – online
    Many of the CQI Yarning Group would be aware of the ABCD National Research Partnership a participatory action researc
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    CQI programs

    A range of CQI programs from across Australia