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Indigenous environmental health practitioners

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    New environmental health programs and projects

    Hi mob members! We thought it’d be a good idea to start a topic about programs and projects that we’ve added to the HealthInfoNet recently, as sometimes it can be hard to find this information. I’ll be posti
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    Indigenous Environmental Health update

    Dear Indigenous environmental health practitioners (IEHP) yarning place members,
    The IEHP section of the HealthInfoNet website is continuously being updated and developed. The period August 2011 to November 2011 saw 93 publications added to the IEHP se
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    Climate change information

    Hi mob members,We're currently in the process of collecting information about climate change, and the impact it may have on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and sites of cultural significance. We're hoping to put all of this i
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    Scabies/Skin sores Program

    Just looking to see if anyone has run a a scabies/ skin sore prevention program?
    what did you do? and how successful was it?...  more
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    IEH Training Model

    Environmental health is a huge issue in remote communities in WA. Recently I have found out that the new IEH training model will not fit the enviromental health needs in the remote communities of WA.  The issues are,