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Social and emotional wellbeing

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    Last Post by Fernando Giraldo
    20 January

    General discussion

    Discuss any aspects of Indigenous social and emotional wellbeing including mental health
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    Last Post by Rebecca Agius
    Thu at 11:33 AM

    Yarning Groups

    I would like to know from SA Salisbury are there  Social groups  out there for our Elders and how Many.
    I would love to combine  them once a month to keep the connection alive with our Elders ...Thanks Rebecca
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    Last Post by Ruth Braunstein
    16 February

    Suicide Post-Vention

    Sensitive post: Can anyone share an outline for a suicide-post vention program for workers? (ie. following passing of colleague by suicide. ) It would be helpful to respond today or tomorrow if possible due to some urgen
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    Last Post by Renee Lynch
    18 November 2014

    National Rural Health Alliance 2014 Regional Wellbeing Survey

    The National Rural Health Alliance is seeking participation in the 2014 Regional Wellbeing Survey.The
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    Last Post by Christopher Davis
    27 October 2014

    Indigenous fathers advocacy

    Hello everybody, I'm interested in knowing whether there are any other studies being done in relation to finding out more on the advocacy role of Indigenous Australian fathers on the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children, family, and community?&n