We have developed a number of yarning places (electronic networks) to assist networking among people working to address various aspects of Indigenous health.

When you join a yarning place (membership is free) you will have access to:

  • The mob members list: this provides members' contact details (permission to display the details is obtained beforehand).
  • The yarning board: this is an electronic board for discussion and debate about relevant issues.
  • The message stick: this is an email list which enables a member to reach all members with one email.

The development of the yarning places has been made possible with funding and collaboration from organisations with expertise in these areas. As a courtesy to others - and to protect yourself - please follow these guidelines when using any of our yarning place facilities (mob list, message stick and yarning board).

  • Use a brief, clear and descriptive entry in the 'subject' line of messages.
  • Where appropriate include your full name, affiliation(s) and email address at the bottom of your messages.
  • Be sure the topic you are discussing is appropriate and relevant to that specific yarning place.
  • When replying to a message, please direct your reply to the proper person/people.
  • Do not send/post angry, critical or emotionally charged messages.
  • Do not use all capital letters in your messages. USING ALL CAPITALS IS THE EMAIL EQUIVALENT OF SHOUTING and is considered rude by some people (please excuse us for shouting!).
  • Do not use the yarning place to advertise your company, product or service for commercial gain.
  • Use humour and sarcasm sparingly. Humour in messages can easily be misinterpreted - remarks that you think are funny can come across as rude to others.