Our Yarning places are electronic networks that enable people with an interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health to share information, knowledge and experience - even when they live in different states, territories and regions, come from different sectors (such as health, education and justice), and work for different organisations.

When you join a Yarning place - membership is free - you will have access to electronic services that assist you to network, yarn and share information and experiences online. These services include:

  • The mob members list: this provides members' contact details (permission to display the details is obtained on signing up).
  • The message stick: this is an email list which enables a member to reach all members within a Yarning place with one email.
  • The yarning board: this is an electronic board for discussion and debate about relevant issues.
  • The yarn now feature: this is similar to a messenger service where two or more members can join in real time discussions with one another.
  • The events feature: a list of events relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, including conferences, seminars and workshops.

Join Now

Once you have joined, a confirmation message explaining more about the Yarning places will be sent to your e-mail address. To access the Yarning places you will need to log in and enter your email address and password (just a reminder - your password is the one you entered on the join form).

What yarning places are currently available?

The HealthInfoNet currently offers 17 different Yarning places across various health topics. These Yarning places have been developed with funding and collaboration from organisations with expertise in each health topic.

What Yarning places are currently under development?

We are currently exploring funding options to develop Yarning places for other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health priorities. If you are aware of any possible sources of funding, please contact us.

Yarning place guidelines

As a courtesy to others - and to protect yourself – the HealthInfoNet has established a set of guidelines to consider when using the Yarning places, which can be accessed here.

Yarning place disclaimer

To view the Yarning places’ disclaimer please click here.